Put in Extensive Time

Put in Extensive Time
After interviewing several real estate agents, I selected Jay Wilson of Keller-Williams. Jay impressed me as an experienced real estate professional who knows the market he is serving. From the start, Jay had a marketing strategy that was very impressive. He outlined the steps I had to take to get my house on the market at a peak time, keeping costs for repair and improvement at a reasonable level, to list my home at the most competitive selling price.

I had a three-month window to purge my home and make it ready to sell. Jay came by regularly to check on the progress, and made recommendations that would make a difference in the eye of a homebuyer. He always responded promptly to my phone call or text with questions that came up, and he gave his honest opinion on each matter. Jay put in extensive time to analyze my home compared to other properties in the area, and his research was very detailed and comprehensive in determining the listing price.

Also, during the process, Jay guided me through the paperwork required from signing with him to represent me—to the closing of the sale of my house.

Jay’s statement in his advertising is true: he is fiercely independent and always working for you. He made it clear his goal was to help me maximize the value of my home—and he did just that.

I highly recommend Jay Wilson to represent my family members, friends and neighbors in the selling of their homes in this area.