Provided Invaluable Insight

Provided Invaluable Insight
This testimonial is happily and wholeheartedly written to endorse Jay Wilson and his professional real estate services. When faced with the prospect of selling our home, and not having been through the process in more than 20 years, we started taking note of property listings and agents and spoke with others who recently bought or sold a house in the area using the services of a real estate agent. Among other things, we noted the volume of listings by an agent, how quickly properties were sold after being listed, pricing and whether properties were advertised over time by more than one agency. Jay was one of many agents who we considered.

Jay was recommended by a former neighbor who moved locally and successfully used Jay, after she had listed her home with two other brokers without success. We researched Jay, spoke with others who used his services, interviewed, and then engaged Jay, and are so happy that we did.

Jay provided invaluable insight and guidance on what to do to the house before listing it, the timing of the listing, pricing, and evaluations of offers from prospective buyers. It is perhaps not surprising that Jay appraised properties prior to becoming a real estate agent which gives Jay an excellent eye toward value. In our case, a number of upgrades were needed to our house. Jay was able to identify which upgrades were meaningful and which were not, and what was important to, and in the best interest of the prospective buyers, allowing us to focus our time and resources on those items that were most meaningful and important.

Jay is also well connected and enjoys a great reputation with third parties that can be critical in readying a house for sale, including cleaning services, electricians, painters, contractors and lawyers. All of the service providers that Jay recommended were quick, efficient, reasonably priced and professional. Jay also is well acquainted with the sale process and was able to arrange for and quickly obtain the necessary approvals from the lenders working with prospective buyers, as well as the local officials.

We noted that many homes in the area went on the market before we engaged Jay’s services and some of those homes remained on the market long after our closing.

We believe that the success we had in selling our home so quickly was due in large part to the advice and recommendations from Jay and his approach to the market. For that reason, we enthusiastically endorse Jay Wilson as your real estate agent.