Impressive Knowledge of the Real Estate Market

Jay assisted me in the process of selling my condo. From the initial visit to assess the property, to the signing of the contract, to advice on staging through the official sale of my property to the new buyer, Jay was with me every step of the way — providing solid advice to go along with his impressive knowledge of the real estate market — and his efforts were greatly appreciated. I had never sold a piece of property before, so I was somewhat intimidated by the scope of the process. Jay knew exactly how I should stage my condo so that it would have maximum appeal to any perspective buyers.Based on his vast experience in the real estate market, Jay provided actual examples of how staging would work for me in my situation.

After meeting with a couple of more realtors, I was able to determine that Jay’s experience and personal touch set him far above the rest of his peers. After a few weeks of preparation and help from my girlfriend, I was finally able to implement Jay’s ideas on staging.Jay visited and was impressed with the results that had been achieved. Jay spent an hour that day, just getting a feeling for the new flow for the space and how it would now attract even more buyers.With a few minor tweaks, the condo was ready to roll.Jay employed a professional photographer to take photos of the newly staged interior, and the photos came out fantastic.When it came to selecting the sale price, Jay offered his opinion on which price would maximize our intended results.Jay provided specific recent examples where setting the appropriate priceto createbuzz and numerous interested potential buyers.

By that point,I felt really confident in my decision to go with Jay.He really did an outstanding job withof the day-to-day work, and he remained in constant touch through email and the phone, providing me with updates along the way.

Jay stayed with me every step of the way and setting up viewing times that worked best for my schedule.We received two solid offers from two potential buyers in the 1 st week and I decided on which offer suited me best.

Basically, the whole process with Jay went along so smoothly that it was almost effortless.Jay Wilson is an intelligent, capable, and motivated realtor whose experience and passion cannot be matched.I highly recommend Jay to anyone who is looking to either purchase or sell a home.