A Great Guy

Why did we choose Jay Wilson at Keller Williams?

We decided to put our house on the market at the end of June 2014. We decided to interview a few agents to get different perspectives on what our house should be marketed at — we had a number in our heads, but weren’t sure how realistic it was. The first agent, was a friend, and she priced it $59,000 less than what we paid for it. Second agent walked in took a quick glance and his price was $37,000 less than what we paid for it. We came to the conclusion that our house wasn’t worth what we thought it was.

When Jay Wilson walked in, he immediately started working, even though we told him we were interviewing other agents. He told us how to stage our home, so that when people walked in they could envision this as their home and not ours. He even involved minor details — family pictures, removing extra furniture, cleaning up clutter, etc. When we asked what he would price the house at, he said “I never price a house without research”.

Jay came back two days later and had a detailed plan on how to market our house. He then went through every line item and explained all of his research. Jay priced our house based on land, sq footage, neighborhood, aesthetics, common sense, etc. price wasn’t based on a cookie cutter standard. He priced our house $47,000 higher than the first agent; and the best part, we never told him the price we had in mind or what the other agents priced the house at.

Once we chose Jay (it was an easy decision), we staged the house exactly the way Jay specified. He had a photographer take pictures of the house inside and out. He created a brochure with all of the pictures and house details. We put the house on the market mid-week and by Friday morning we had an offer. Jay had 5 offers in 48 hours — two full offers and three other reasonable offers. It was great!

We put our house on the market at the end of June and closed at the end of July! Not only did Jay sell our house quickly, he made the process stress free. We would recommend Jay to everyone. He is a professional and passionate agent, and a great guy!