If you’re buying or selling a home, you’ve probably heard that you should enlist a Realtor to assist you (I mean, why not make your life easier?!).  And while there are many top-notch individual agents in the Boston area, a real estate team is an excellent idea for those who are buying a new home AND have a home to sell. 

From the consumer’s perspective, the advantages of working with a Realtor team, besides seemingly unlimited access to an agent, is the efficiency of the team as a whole moving the transaction to the finish line. With multiple people on a real estate team, team members share each other’s strengths and fortify each other’s weaknesses.

Working together for the common goal of getting the client from showing to closing, a real estate team provides a vast array of services rapidly and with great attention to detail. 

More Coverage

With a team, there is more coverage because more people are working together for a common goal: the client.  In the circumstance of our business, both of us “cross-cover” each other.  This means both of us are always cc’d on emails and can stand in for the other should the need arise.   Having a team on your side also means members of the team can be in multiple places at one time allowing buyers and sellers ready access to someone on the team at virtually all times.

Different Perspectives

With a team, clients can utilize separate “banks” of experience and expertise, which allows for not only different opinions but different character traits different perspectives (on our team one of us is very analytical the other more personal,) and of course, different personalities.

Multiple Realtors for the Price of One

Remember when we said more people are working for the client?  Good news: you still only pay for one Realtor.  Even better?  When you buy a home you don’t pay any of the team members- the seller does!  

Specialized Agents 

You’ve most likely heard of buyers agents and selling agents.  With a single agent, you have one person doing both jobs, with a team, specialization and interdependency are inherently characteristic.  In other words, with a team (such as ours) you’ll be serviced by a sellers’ agent who primarily works with sellers and a buyers agent who primarily works with buyers.  With Buyer Specialists and Listing (or seller) Specialists, teams may be able to offer a broader level of service and expertise than an individual agent.  Having agents with specialties working for you ensures that you get the best, most thorough service complemented by several real estate brains focused on both buyer and seller solutions. 

So, what roles do we play on our team?  I (Marybeth), am the buyers’ agent, and Jay is the sellers’ agent.  Basically, I become my buyer’s personal shopper for a home, which, in today’s “Seller” market, this is of the utmost importance.  I will learn what your “must haves” are for your home,  actively seek out properties,  and preview listings to determine what homes you should get out to see immediately and which ones you should disregard. 

As a seller’s agent, Jay’s prior 20+ years of real estate appraisal experience really comes into play.  He gives his pricing opinion to a seller, helps them understand how to prepare their home for the market, and negotiates with the buyer’s agent when an offer is made.

Here’s how these dedicated roles have helped our clients:

  • Over the past 4 1/2 years, we have sold 75 properties ($31 million)
  • 77% sold with No price change
  • 92% sold with One or No price change
  • 17 average days to an accepted offer
  • 99.7% aggregate sale price to start list price
  • 16 out of 20 buyers, or 80%, had their offer accepted on the 1st property they put an offer on.
  • 79.3%, or 23 of 29 offers that I presented, were accepted on behalf of our 20 buyers

If you have a home to buy and/or a home to sell, a team can bring a competitive advantage to the transaction simply by having more resources to tap into, more people, more ideas, and more perspectives.  And while every consumer has a personal preference, if the collaborative process and depth of combined experience and real estate wisdom are on your must-have list, a Realtor team may be a good fit for you.

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